Steven Woods

Chief Technology Officer, Benevity
Product Investments for Good

Steven is a passionate technologist who leads Benevity’s team of more than 200 development, analytics and enterprise platform professionals.

With a deep interest in innovation and machine learning, Steven’s 20+ years of executive experience includes 14 years as co-founder and CTO at Eloqua, a pioneering platform that created a new category of marketing automation software, and six years as co-founder and CTO at, an autonomous deal intelligence layer for CRM.

As author of the book "Digital Body Language," Steven’s understanding and deciphering of online user intention helps advance Benevity’s suite of solutions, ultimately enabling companies and their people to do more good.

Steven joined forces with Benevity to quite literally put his passion, skills and experience to good use serving humanity. He is based in Toronto with his wife and two daughters and his favorite sci-fi novel is “Ready Player One.”

Steven Woods