Bryan de Lottinville

Founder and Executive Chairperson, Benevity
The BIG Trends in Corporate Purpose

Bryan is a self-described "recovering lawyer" who is constantly dreaming of novel ways to help global enterprises reinvent corporate purpose programs to provide better social and business returns, while simultaneously tackling some of the biggest struggles in the social impact landscape.

An internationally recognized thought leader in the space, Bryan is a Top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility Influence Leader, Forbes Business Council contributor and frequent speaker and blogger on corporate purpose.

Bryan believes that the path to sustainable change is through grassroots engagement and cultural evolution, both within companies and broader society. He has cultivated and nourished in Benevity a passionate culture and belief that providing people with more choice and opportunity to “do the right thing” will not only help people be their best selves, but also ignite an inherent desire within today’s socially conscious employees, customers and communities to become an extraordinary force for positive change in our world. We think he’s on to something there!

Bryan de Lottinville

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