Our Energy-Boosting
(Not Energy-Draining) Agenda

Whether you’re a corporate purpose pro, social good advocate, employee engagement guru or community investment strategist— Benevity’s Goodness Matters conference is for you! It’s  packed with sessions to help you elev8 corporate purpose with the tools and insights you need to drive real action and impact.

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Tuesday, March 2



Conference Kickoff

Sona Khosla, Chief Impact Officer, Benevity


The BIG Trends in Corporate Purpose

Bryan de Lottinville,
Founder & Executive Chairperson, Benevity

Trust. It takes a long time to build and can easily be broken. Bryan will dive into what this means for our companies and how a not-so-secret superpower — ahem, corporate purpose — is the key to unlocking deeper, more authentic connections with our communities, customers, employees and anyone else who interacts with our brands.


Break & Invigor8

Take some time to stretch, refuel and look away from your screen.


Coffee Chat With Bryan

Ask Bryan anything in this moderated Q&A!



Spirituality: The Key to Sustaining Activism

Ericka Huggins

We’ve proven that we can mobilize to shift our culture and change the world. But it can be hard to keep showing up when we’re constantly faced with new challenges. Once a Black Panther Party leader and political prisoner, and now a human rights activist, poet and educator, Ericka Huggins shares her unique perspective on the importance of spiritual practice in sustaining activism and promoting social change.


Break & Invigor8

Take some time to stretch, refuel and look away from your screen.


Managing Ambiguity in a Virtual (Volunteerism) World

Stanford Florence, Global Volunteer Program Manager, Apple
Esther Ray Le, Global Volunteer Program Manager, Apple

Making big changes to your program is never easy. So, how did Apple pivot completely to virtual volunteering activities and increase program participation while they were at it? Hear how the team lead through the nebulous, uncertain new world of virtual volunteerism to keep their program's momentum going and continue building employee loyalty.


Granting in Times of Crisis

Noah Salata, Community Partnership Consultant, American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation, AFI
Christy Duncan-Anderson, Executive Director & President, Albertsons Companies Foundation

With increasing expectations on companies to solve serious social problems, combined with the continued challenges that 2020 brought on, community investment programs have become more important than ever. Hear how Albertsons Companies Foundation and AFI pivoted their granting strategies to meet the moment — and saw their community impact grow.


No Pressure, No Diamonds – How to Pivot Your Employee Engagement Program in the “New” Virtual Normal

Jennifer Beason, Global Program Director for Social Entrepreneurship, SAP
Eva Klingbeil, Project Manager, SAP Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Corporate Affairs SAP SE, Germany

With the world of work becoming mostly virtual, engaging employees actively and meaningfully has become a rising challenge. See how SAP pivoted their employee engagement program to a virtual setting while remaining committed to their goals around skills-based volunteering. From creating a virtual pro-bono program from scratch to using Missions and volunteer opportunities to engage employees and track progress and impact — learn how they did it!


People-Driven Purpose

Emma Housman, Program Manager, Xylem Watermark, Xylem
Angie Ruddell, Engagement & CSR Manager, Empower Retirement

How can you continue to engage all of your people when the status quo doesn’t cut it anymore? Hear how Xylem and Empower drove deeper impact in a tough year by finding new and creative ways to catalyze engagement with employees, partners and nonprofits.


Goodness Happy Hour

Now this is going to be a GOOD time! One of the truly unique things about Benevity’s culture is the incredible passion, purpose and rare talents our people bring to work every day. So, this is an opportunity to get a peek into what makes our people tick.

Grab a snack, get your family to join, and discover our crew’s hidden talents while supporting some causes that are near and dear to their hearts — with a little extra something from us.


Using Data to Drive Granting Decisions for More Strategic Impact

Frank Robinson, Diverse Markets Executive, MUFG Union Bank
Kathy Patoff, Director, MUFG Union Bank Foundation

Data capture and reporting are central to Union Bank’s approach to informed (and better) decision making, driving measurable outcomes and impactful storytelling. Learn how MUFG Union Bank used data to drive granting insights, leading to maximum impact for racial justice causes and the building of sustainable business partnerships.


Bringing Customers Into Your CSR Journey and Infusing Purpose Into Your Product

Urmi Bhayani, Program Manager, Give with Bing, Microsoft
Altaf Gilani, Head of Product, Microsoft Rewards, Give with Bing and Bing Rebates

Give With Bing, a new feature launched in 2020, is reinventing how people give back — one search at a time! It allows people to earn Microsoft Rewards points by  searching on Microsoft Bing. The rewards earned by the user are automatically donated at the end of each month to one of 1.4 million eligible nonprofits, chosen by the user. This session will cover the inspiration and strategy behind Give with Bing and the virtuous cycle that can help individuals, your company and the nonprofits who receive these donations make a bigger impact.


Innovation and Adaptability: Growing the Power of Goodness Through Volunteering

Mark Stevens, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Ciena Corporation
Allison Fary, Senior Program Manager, Corporate Citizenship, TELUS

Hear how TELUS and Ciena took a leap and began rewriting the volunteering playbook when giving time and talent seemed impossible.  Find out exactly how they are making the shift to virtual volunteering and pivoting their program design — and how it’s leading to unparalleled volunteering engagement and impact.



Take some time to stretch, refuel and look away from your screen.


Creating a Culture of Giving

Chloe Mansfield, Community Relations Analyst, Gibson Energy

One year after launching in 2019, Gibson Energy experienced tremendous success with their employee giving program in 2020. Learn how building a culture of giving through leadership and creativity helped them exceed 80% program participation!


Using Data to Drive Goodness Strategies

Tesa Pagulayan, Program Specialist, Social Impact, Atlassian

Atlassian was not satisfied with only measuring program participation and wanted to find a way to get a deeper engagement measurement. Hear how they developed their program scorecard, which has provided deeper insights to inform future planning and empowered their people to take more action. Plus, find out how these new measures and plans helped Atlassian pivot more quickly and make more informed decisions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Engaging 100k Employees Globally Through Their Holiday Giving Campaign

Megan Wheeler, Googler Engagement Manager, Google

Ever wonder how Google engaged its employees this holiday season? Then tune in to learn all about Google's Holiday Giving Campaign, where Googlers could direct Google’s funding to an organization of their choice, and continue giving to have their personal donations matched by the company as well as peer match sponsors.

Wednesday, March 3



Product Demos

Meet a Benevity Techspert to look under the hood of Benevity’s solutions and learn how you can leverage our technology to supercharge your corporate purpose.


Mindfulness With Maggie

Maggie Hull, Cause Support Specialist, Benevity

Breathe in, hold it … aaaand release. Take a few minutes to reset your mind and check in with yourself before you get started.


Day 2 Kickoff

Sona Khosla, Chief Impact Officer, Benevity


Benevity: Getting Down to Business

Kelly Schmitt, Chief Executive Officer, Benevity
Sona Khosla, Chief Impact Officer, Benevity

Benevity is evolving to help you meet (and exceed!) the expectations of society and catalyze more Goodness in the world. Be one of the first to hear from Kelly Schmitt, Benevity's newly minted CEO, on exciting updates on our rocket-paced growth and future investments to continue to support you in realizing your company’s full potential. Plus, Sona Khosla will join this presentation to share the data and insights that are shaping the path we’re collectively on.



Stretch, refuel and look away from your screen.


Coffee Chat With Kelly Schmitt, Benevity’s Chief Executive Officer

Meet Benevity’s new CEO! Ask Kelly anything that’s on your mind!


Cancel Culture

Whitney Dailey, SVP, Marketing and Research Insights, Porter Novelli
Sean Smith, EVP, Global Reputation Management, Porter Novelli

Today, social media has transformed the impact of a single voice — it has allowed stories to grow, opinions to become trending topics and movements to solidify. And yet one misstep or wrong word from a person, celebrity or brand can put that entity in a social media maelstrom leading to a phenomenon now known as “cancel culture.” For CSR leaders, cancel culture threatens to nullify years of good work and effort. In this session, we’ll unpack the mechanics of cancel culture. Why do we cancel brands — and what do we hope to gain? How long does a “cancellation” last, and what can brands do to engage employees and other stakeholders to pre-empt or move beyond the cancellation?



Stretch, refuel and look away from your screen.


Coffee Chat with Anusha Srijeyanathan, Benevity’s Executive VP of Client Success

Grab a tea and come say hello to Anusha. This is your chance to ask her anything!


Coffee Chat with Sona Khosla, Benevity’s Chief Impact Officer

Load up on coffee, say hello to Sona, and ask her anything!


Product Demos

Meet a Benevity Techspert to look under the hood of Benevity’s solutions and learn how you can leverage our technology to supercharge your corporate purpose.

2:30- 3:30

Goodness Event: Group Virtual Volunteering Opportunity

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a global humanitarian aid, relief, and development nongovernmental organization. Their clients are refugees, asylees and other displaced families that are forced to flee war-torn countries whose weakened health systems lack doctors, ventilators, medicine and testing capabilities. The IRC also has thousands of essential workers around the world who are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now that borders are beginning to reopen worldwide, let's create videos of gratitude to send to frontline workers or a welcome message to refugees!


Open Space Sessions

Ready to collabor8? This is your first of two opportunities to connect live via video conferencing with peers and subject matter experts from the community  who are interested in the same topic as you. Let's go!


Break & Invigor8

Stretch, refuel and look away from your screen.


Open Space Sessions

Round two! Dive in to connect live via video conferencing with other folks who are interested in the same topic as you. Get ready to listen, share and collabor8 together.

Thursday, March 4



Product Demos

Meet a Benevity Techspert to look under the hood of Benevity’s solutions and learn how you can leverage our technology to supercharge your corporate purpose.


Day 3 Kickoff

Sona Khosla, Chief Impact Officer, Benevity


What’s Now & What’s Next: Benevity Product Vision

Steven Woods, Chief Technology Officer, Benevity

The world is changing and so are our products. Benevity’s new CTO, Steve, will give you a sneak-a-peek into our product vision and planned areas of investment. We think you’ll be inspired when you see how Benevity’s products  will connect you, your communities, your people and the world. Then, we’ll do some big-picture thinking on what’s possible when we use technology to scale purpose.



This is a great time to refill your water and prepare your journey for the Product Breakout sessions following this break.


Coffee Chat With Steve

Grab your coffee and meet Steve. This is your chance to ask Steve anything!


Product Breakout:

Employee Engagement Roadmap

What's Now & What's Next in Spark 

Christine Gillies, Director, Product Marketing & Client Marketing, Benevity &  Kevin McLean, Group Product Manager, Employee Engagement, Benevity

The last year has shifted the way we work and do good — daring us to ide8 on what’s next for company culture and purpose. How can we continue to engage our people and empower them to be the change? How can we streamline our processes to free up more time to focus on strategy?

See how you can drive more impact in your program through our latest Spark enhancements, including automated volunteer time tracking, program benchmarking and the Benevity app.


Product Breakout:


What's Now & What's Next in Benevity Grants

Spencer Goldade, Lead Product Design, Benevity & Jessica Ireland, Client Success Manager, Benevity

Get a view into all of the recent investments we’ve made in Benevity Grants to help you get more efficient and cre8 greater impact with your community investments. Plus, get a peek into our vision for storytelling through an all-new reporting experience.



This is a great time to refill your water/tea/coffee!


Product Breakout:

Volunteering and Missions

Small Actions, Big Impact: A Path to Success in the Virtual World

Steph Thompson, Product Marketing Manager, Benevity & Susan Keith Bleekman, Director, Goodness Solutions, Benevity

Your people want more ways to support their communities, connect with each other and take action on the pressing issues they care about. And the shift to the virtual world has not made it easy. See how you can build connection and culture in a virtual setting — one act of Goodness at a time. By engaging your people in new ways through Volunteering and Missions, you can win in the virtual world and empower your people in meaningful ways!


Product Breakout:


What's Now & What's Next in Versaic

Jennifer Fines, Manager, Client Success, Benevity & Tara Scott, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Benevity  

Dig into the latest enhancements to Versaic by Benevity’s industry-leading ecosystem, including our best-in-class vetting and global funds distribution. Plus, see our vision for the next year.



Take some time to stretch, refuel and look away from your screen.

2:20 – 2:50

30-Min. Express Workout

You know that good feeling you get when you donate or volunteer? Those are the very same endorphins released when you get your heart pumping!

So, join us for a live 30-minute express workout. All you need is a mat, water and some breathable clothes to break a sweat.


Product Breakout:

Employee Engagement

Turn Moments Into Movements With Peer Matching

Renee Matsalla, Senior Product Manager, Benevity & Laura Christensen, Client Success Manager, Benevity

Your people are the power behind Peer Matching — and you have the ability to activ8 them when the world needs it most!

Find out how this new feature in Spark is creating a whole new way to give and helping hundreds of companies:

• Empower their people to create small movements of their own.

• Show that their company’s leaders care about what employees care about.

• Bolster existing giving campaigns or initiatives to drive more excitement and interest.


Product Breakout:

to API

From Love to Loyalty: Creating Deeper Customer Relationships through Purpose

Julie Baron, Senior Product Marketing  Manager, Benevity & Sam Swain, Manager of Goodness, API Sales, Benevity

With more purpose-driven buyers than ever before, many companies are broadening their programs to embed Goodness into their products and customer experiences. How do you engage customers and harness their power to drive change, together?
Find out here.



Take some time to stretch, refuel and look away from your screen.



Getting Uncomfortable With Luvvie Ajayi Jones

Luvvie Ajayi Jones

Do you ever teeter on the edge of choosing to speak up or stay silent? To take action or uphold the status quo? As individuals and companies, we often grapple with this challenge — especially when our decisions have very real consequences, both positive and negative.  

Luvvie Ajayi Jones, New York Times bestselling author, speaker, digital strategist and professional troublemaker, shares how getting uncomfortable can unlock your personal purpose and lead to a better, more just world.


All Good Things Must Come to an End (or Do They?)

Sona Khosla, Chief Impact Officer, Benevity

As we close the official conference, join us to reflect on the last few days together and how we can use everything we’ve learned to keep the Goodness going.


Product Demos

Meet a Benevity Techspert to look under the hood of Benevity’s solutions and learn how you can leverage our technology to supercharge your corporate purpose.

Friday, March 5



Hands-On Workshops

All of our workshops have one thing in common — you’ll be in a small group setting for optimal learning, get direct access to Benevity subject matter experts and walk away with something tangible you can implement right away!
Each All-Access Pass includes one of the sessions below. Grab your pass before they sell out!
“We had a small, interactive group. It felt very dynamic and collaborative – I learned a lot from not only Sam (facilitator) but from the other participants.” - GM2020 workshop attendee

Illumin8 Your Impact With Benevity Reporting

Jessica Clairmont, Insights Analyst, Benevity, Amy Clavin, Insights Analyst, Benevity, Brennan Hill, Manager, Insights & Reporting, Benevity & Kamal Kaur, Insights Analyst, Benevity

You have access to more data than you might think! And you can use it to create a compelling story, connect trends and drive even better results.

Dive into Benevity Reporting to illumin8 the practical and creative ways you can use data (and the pre-built reports you already have access to!) to optimize your program.

The Road to Global Goodness: Designing an International Program

Chris Venter, Director, Goodness Solutions, Benevity & Bri Inlow, Team Lead, Client Success Management, Benevity

If you’re looking to scale your program globally, this session is all about helping you develop a roadmap that’ll get you there!

We’ll explore how to cre8 a consistent and equitable experience across all locations that also resonates at the local level. And we’ll collabor8 to create a presentation and implementation plan that outlines your strategy, your main focus areas and the steps required  to successfully roll it out across multiple countries.

Together we’ll focus on:

  • The considerations and planning required to develop a roadmap for your program expansion or multi-country launch
  • Cultural nuances surrounding social impact and community investments in different countries and regions to help focus your efforts
  • Best practices observed throughout the global community we’ve helped build over the past 13 years

Proving the ROI of Your Community Investment Program

Kerry Lawrence, Benevity Grants Consultant, Upgrades, Benevity & Ronak Ahluwalia, Team Lead, Implementations, Benevity

Perfect if you’re looking to create a community investment strategy or enhance your existing one to help you scale and create more impact!

As a grants administrator, you’ll have a number of stakeholders who’ll want to know about your program, whether they’re your executives, employees, customers or investors — and they all care about different things.

In this workshop, you’ll get the tools and guidance you need to deliver impactful stories that resonate with all of your stakeholders.

Content Reigns: Inspiring Action and Engagement in Your Initiatives

Andrew Wedderburn, Product Content, Team Lead, Benevity & Adele Brunnhofer, Content Strategist, Benevity

The cliché is true — content is king (or queen)! In this workshop, our own content pros will help you learn the secrets to creating compelling content that increases awareness, builds connection and, most importantly, inspires action!

Together, we’ll explore:

  • The anatomy of content that changes behavior
  • How to cre8 compelling giving and volunteer opportunities and Missions activities
  • Selecting images that tell the right story

  • How to use stats and stories to inspire people to get involved

Infusing Your Employee Experience With Goodness

Sam Sasyniuk, Manager, Goodness Solutions, Benevity

Perfect if you’re implementing Spark or are a Spark administrator of any level!

Creating a purpose-driven culture is a journey that takes thoughtfulness, creativity and cross-company collaboration. In this session, you’ll work with other leaders in the Benevity client community to brainstorm ideas for making meaningful connections with your people along their employee journey — from recruitment all the way to retirement. You’ll leave this workshop with a solid action plan and a deep understanding of the existing Goodness levers you have at your fingertips, going beyond the usual approaches to giving, volunteering, matching, incentives, Missions and grants.

The Art of Building a Business Case

Janelle St. Omer, Regional VP of Sales, Benevity & Danielle Valle Gilchrist, Manager, Goodness Solutions, Benevity

Perfect if you’re refreshing your program or looking for guidance on how to build a case for Goodness in your company!

Ready to evolve your company’s approach to Goodness and purpose? Need help making the business case and putting together a plan for internal buy-in? Need to figure out how to manage change? No problem, we’ve got you covered! In this workshop, we’ll work together to create a business case and pitch that will turn your vision into reality. Plus, we’ll share tips on how you can champion change in your company, and leave you with a few resources to help you calculate quantifiable program savings.